Why are young professionals leaving Florida?

A view of Miami which makes young professionals leaving Florida sorry for moving.

Have you ever wondered why are young professionals leaving Florida? If you haven’t, you probably didn’t know that it is happening. But now that you do, you are probably wondering why are young people leaving a state where everyone wants to move to?¬†Why would anyone want to leave a state where both housing and lifestyle are very cheap? Well, there are plenty of reasons and we are here to tell you all about them.

Florida’s weather

What people who live in Florida mostly complain about is the weather. Florida is also called “The Sunny State” because it has a large number of warm and sunny days. In fact, it can get so warm that a lot of people have health issues. Too much sweating, headaches, dehydration, and heavy breathing are health problems people who live in Florida face. You might think our bodies get used to the heat, but they don’t. Spending a lot of time in the heat can even be deadly. That is why many people¬†move out of Florida and start over in another state that has slightly better weather conditions.

Miami beach.

Even though sunny weather is perfect for a day at the beach, it can be very dangerous.

Not only is it hot, but there are a lot of storms in Florida. Every other year a huge tsunami or a tornado hit the coast of Florida and wrecks many homes. After your home is wrecked because of bad weather all you want to do is move somewhere far away from there. And yes, you can remodel your home on a budget but you just won’t feel safe there ever again.


Even though Florida looks very nice, it is not the safest place on Earth. It is true that crime rates have been dropping recently but it still isn’t a very safe place to live in. And young professionals leaving Florida know this very well. They want to start families and live safely but it is simply impossible unless you live in a very small town in Florida with just a few thousand people.


Florida is one of the most affordable states but the paychecks aren’t very high unless you work on a very important job position. Yes, the housing is cheap and the bills are cheap. And yes, there is no state income tax. And many people from other states are moving to Florida for these reasons. So why are young professionals leaving Florida looking for better earning when everything is cheap? Well, there are other states that have cheap housing and cheap bills but higher income. This allows them to save money and travel all while having a nice home and a decent income.